What We Do

Our services range from event/ project management concept design, installation and technical services, show production, backstage management and equipment rentals

Event/ project management

With vast experience from over 30 years of being in the event industry, Mahogany Productions and Events is equipped with the skills, personnel and technical knowledge to manage your event from conceptualization to implementation.

Show production

The devil lies in the details, they say. The dotting of the “I’s” and crossing the “t’s” is essential to every show, as a detail left unseen can jeopardize months of work. This is why Mahogany Productions and Events is one of the foremost production companies as we take into consideration every detail to ensure a smooth production.

Backstage management

For your fashion shows, awards, concerts and live events, coordination and organization backstage cannot be over-emphasized and Mahogany ensures that the chaos that occurs backstage is controlled, which in turn ensures that your event runs like a well-oiled engine.

Installation and technical services

From start-up to finish, Mahogany Productions and Events can cater to every of your event needs, this includes providing technical services and installation of technical equipment at your events and event centres. From stage and set designs to light, screens and sound equipment, Mahogany has got you covered.

Artiste Management

Getting artistes to arrive on time for rehearsals and performances can be such an uphill task sometimes, but Mahogany Productions and Events can ensure that your artistes are properly managed for every of your event, this includes making sure that they have a comfortable place to relax and get in the “zone” before they come on stage to wow your audience.

Equipment rentals

Mahogany is dedicated to meeting your equipment needs from racks to hangers, vanity mirrors, steamers and our state-of-the-art wireless communication system, Mahogany has sure got you covered.