Fashion Shows

Guaranty Trust Bank Fashion Weekend

The Guaranty Trust Bank Fashion Weekend is the biggest fashion event in Africa and attracts Designers and celebrities from across the world including world renowned designers such as Julien MacDonald (United Kingdom), David Tlale (South Africa), Taibo Bacar (Mozambique), Ejiro Amos Tafiri (Nigeria), Lanre DaSilva (Nigeria), LaQuan Smith (USA) and many others. Mahogany has produced all the runway & presentation shows as well as managing front of house for 3 years running.

Guaranty Trust Bank Fashion Weekend 2019

Guaranty Trust Bank Fashion Weekend 2018

Fashions Finest Africa 2018

Fashions Finest Africa is one of the leading Fashion Shows in Africa that showcases emerging designers from all over the country. Mahogany produces the event in collaboration with Fashions Finest UK

Africa Fashion Week London

African Fashion Week London is the leading African fashion event across the globe that promotes African heritage, the production pf the fashion show of was done by Mahogany International.

Africa Fashion Week London - 2015

Africa Fashion Week London - 2013

African Fashion Week Nigeria

African Fashion Week Nigeria, has grown strength garnering international respect from fashion experts, designers, fashion enthusiast and related entities. The fashion show production was produced by Mahogany International.

Bridal Show 2014

The bridal show is a glimpse into the Nigerian lavish wedding attires to publicly show off their nuptials, Mahogany international did the production of the fashion show.

Fashions Finest Africa 2018

Glasgow Fashion Week

The Glasgow fashion show week is a unique event combining international conference, work ships, display and a fashion show in the sustainable ethical fashion at the same time, mahogany produced the fashion show.

Music Meets Runway

Music Meet Runway is a biggest platform for both fashion and music. The fashion show production was done by Mahogany International.

Beauty Week 2017

Beauty week fashion by Mercedes Benz made history in Africa, the fashion show was a collaboration between Mercedes Benz and World to bring the Beauty Business Week to Lagos, while mahogany produced the show.


Alternative Fashion Week provides that vital stepping stone between the graduate shows and the mainstream fashion industry. The fashion show is mainly concerned to raise environments awareness and actively supports an ethical souring, Mahogany International did the production of the fashion show.